Our Tableware

The Dutch Hospitality Wholesaler

Since 2004

APS Glass & Bar Supply is the Dutch Hospitality Wholesaler since 2004. It all started with attractive tumblers and stylish shot glasses and in the last years they experienced a period of enormous growth. Nowadays, they offer a broad range of unique, sustainable, high-quality products. APS is distributor and supplier of beautiful, distinctive and innovative brands and has their own label. Their range is not only one of the largest and best in Europe, they also strive for sustainable and innovative products which distinguishes APS from other wholesalers.


Libbey LinQ

Timeless Look-and-Feel

Libbey has been in business since 1818 and is an expert at producing glassware for professionals. Libbey introduced a new glass line called LinQ. What really sets this apart? In one word: Style. The timeless look-and-feel, the grey finish and the subtly sophisticated design add just that extra dash of elegance to any drink.

LinQ glasses are exclusive available at APS Glass & Bar Supply B.V.

Libbey is striving to achieve the perfect balance between prosperity, fairness and a healthy environment while maintaining and improving upon high environmental, financial and social standards. Sustainability to Libbey means creating a better quality of life for all people now as well as for generations to come, all while using the planet's resources at a rate at which nature is able to replenish them. Cheers to Libbey!



220 Years of Expertise

Churchill has over 220 years of expertise and an unbridled passion for innovation. It’s also one of the major players in the hospitality market when it comes to tableware. Churchill offers a broad portfolio of products which always embody the latest culinary trends.

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