Our bed linen

The Comeback

Strong, Stylish & Sustainable

The first thing you notice about the beds is the Comeback: a stylish runner made of recycled old pairs of jeans. The jeans are collected, torn, spun into yarn and woven into a new fabric. A sustainable product, and very contemporary. The Comeback is an innovative article in the collection and is being tested live at the moment. And it is here, in the Prinsenhof Suite. Isn’t this a great way for old jeans to make their comeback?

Pure Eco Linen for Bed and Bath

100% Organic and Certified Fairtrade Cotton

Produced sustainably and of a beautiful quality: that is what characterizes the Pure Eco line. The cotton for bed and bath linen is produced by the Chetna cooperation in India, where farmers and workers receive an honest price. At the same time, the products carry the GOTS label, that indicates the standard for organic textile worldwide. So not only good for people, but also for the environment. And for the guests, who can enjoy the innovative Stone bath mat as well: with its design, this mat complements the look perfectly.

Pure Eco Pillow and Comforter

Voluminous and Springy

It may be hard to fathom, but it is really true: you can turn ground plastic PET bottles into soft supple flakes. This material is the perfect filling for our Pure Eco pillows and comforters, because it is voluminous and springy as well as sustainable. Along with the ticking, produced with 100% biological Fairtrade cotton, these products are honest, pure and clean. The unique combination creates a reduction of the CO2 footprint as well as a very comfortable quality.

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