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Linen Curtains & Blinds

100% natural

Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique is specialised in making customised curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds that provide your living environment in a personal way with comfort and warmth. Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique offers a wide variety of different qualities and colour linen.

Natural Linen


Evert Groot -Étoffe Unique believe quality and eco-sensible production are undisputed musts. That is exactly why they are deeply involved into every step needed to create a fabric that lives up to our high standard. From the natural crops growing in Belgium and France and their own Dutch bio-fed sheep to the unique sheets of cloth and wool that arrive at the Amsterdam headquarters. Every element of the production process is monitored on site by their own people. Making sure nothing gets in the way of our products natural character and our clients personal taste. Making the result your ‘Étoffe Unique’.


Good Taste & Comfort

Upholstery is what makes a pile of bricks into a home. Giving every room its destined purpose in style with every season a fitting mood. Breathing your sense of good taste and comfort in the pieces of furniture you chose to be a part of your life.  Let Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique wrap your personal space into a daily gift that truly makes you feel at home.