Our Digital Concierge

A Better Experience

For everyone involved

Prinsenhof Suite works together with Quriobot to provide guests with the best online experience possible. Quriobot is implemented on the website of Prinsenhof Suite to recommend guests the best
bars and restaurants but also enables guests to share feedback regarding their stay. Both guests as well as website visitors of the Prinsenhof Suite are welcomed in a warm and friendly way and can interact with Quriobot to quickly find what they are looking for. The result is a better online experience for everyone involved, similiar to a hotel’s front office.


From recommendations to feedback

Quriobot is integrated with other online tools of Prinsenhof Suite. These integrations enable
Quriobot to address people personally, display items from the inventory of Prinsenhof Suite but also to store collected insights in a smart way. It is easy to determine which information from Quriobot people find useful and in case there are questions, Quriobot can send an email directly to the staff of Prinsenhof Suite to answer them right away.


Turning static forms into engaging conversations

It’s Quriobot’s mission to turn all static webforms into engaging conversations. Quriobot proudly works together with the Prinsenhof Suite alongside other customers like Monuta, Delta Lloyd, Bavaria en the Evangelische Omroep.