Prinsenhof Suite

Smart, Sustainable & Service

Everything a guest might need can be found at Prinsenhof Suite. This luxury guest house combines service, sustainability and smart solutions.


Comfortable Beds Book Now


In the Prinsenhof Suite you’ll experience a great night of sleep on Auping beds. Royal Auping has been working on ultimate sleep comfort for over 125 years. Nowadays, Auping is the largest bed manufacturer in the Netherlands and has a green DNA.

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Auping Nights, Better Days.

Personal Assistent Book Now

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker, powered by the Google Assistant. Ask questions. Tell it to do things. Google Home is always ready to help.

Hands-free help.

Smart Coffee Book Now


Your smartphone and tablet can now make coffee with the revolutionary Scanomat Brewer App. The beautiful, patented stainless steel tap is designed to be built into any tabletop and is created to produce coffee quality beyond a barista. A new innovative & instinctive user experience and a seamless integration into any environment. The TopBrewer brews a perfect cup of fresh-bean coffee – every time.

Simple & revolutionary.

Digital Key Book Now


Prinsenhof Suite is equipped with an easy-to-use smartlock that gives you access day & night. It can be opened via a smartphone app. Easy as that.

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Smart open.

Natural Care Products Book Now


Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand offering natural care products, luxurious home fragrances and natural mineral water. Marie-Stella-Maris strongly believes that people have the right to live in dignity, which includes the right to clean, safe and accessible (drinking) water.

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Care for water.

Linen Comfort Book Now


In Prinsenhof Suite, guests sleep on linen with a rather innovative edge. Think of a runner produced out of recycled jeans, bed covers with comforters made of PET bottles, and Fairtrade cotton. The linen is from Blycolin, the linen partner that is always looking for innovative, sustainable solutions for linen challenges. This goes beyond the mere products: by focusing on smart and clean processes, Blycolin works on a sustainable chain and therefore on a good feeling for both customer and guest.

Carefree linen service.

Sustainable Cleaning Book Now

Mother Nature Cleans

Prinsenhof Suite uses 'clean' cleaning products. Lotus® Pro Cleaning System transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective all-natural commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone.

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Saving 3000 liters of polluted water.

Natural Fabrics Book Now

Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique

Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique is specialised in making customised curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds that provide your living environment in a personal way with comfort and warmth. Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique offers a wide variety of different qualities and colour linen.

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100% natural.

Mobile Travel Companion Book Now


At Prinsenhof Suite, guests get their own mobile device: Handy, which provides unlimited local & international calls, free internet access, destination-specific content and on-the-go concierge service.

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The ideal mobile companion for the modern traveler.

Green Oase Book Now


GrownDownTown designs and creates green oases in and on top of buildings. GrownDownTown develops advanced solutions to grow living and edible greenery in the city to make them resilient, liveable and more healthy.

Where green innovations sprout.

Digital Concierge Book Now


Prinsenhof Suite offers an online concierge service, powered by Quriobot. This is a new way of asking for feedback and a friendly way of helping guests find what they are looking for. 24/7.

Turns forms into conversations.

Mini Bar Service Book Now


MiniBarBox upgrades your hotel stay. MiniBarBox comes in a stylish design and contains two premium (mix) beverages and a matching snack. It is available in different editions, to suit any moment of the day. The products are carefully selected by food & beverage professionals.

Drink out of the box.

Smart & Safe Book Now


Nest is focused on making simple, human, delightful things such as camera's, thermostats and fire alarms. That’s how they are creating the thoughtful environment: a place that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.

A Nest home.

Housekeeping Book Now

EW Facility Services

Prinsenhof Suite is being cleaned by EW Facility Services. Hospitality has been the key concept within their services for more than a quarter of a century. The end user’s experience is their motivation for this. Together with their clients, they strive to create the ultimate guest experience. At Prinsenhof Suite the facility services provider cleans with the help of the Lotus® PRO Cleaning Concept of Mother Nature Cleans.

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Creating hospitality.

Direct Booking Book Now is our booking partner. At you can book your room, package or meeting venue directly.

Book directly at the hotel.

Smart Rooflight Book Now

Glazing Vision Europe

Glazing Vision is the technical expert in the design and manufacture of architectural glass rooflights. We are on the cutting edge of rooflight design and our products can be found on rooftops across Europe and the United States. Their rooflight design ethos is ‘minimise framework, maximise daylight’ and we aim to fulfil this promise with every product we manufacture.

Sky only view.

Smart Screens Book Now


The Samsung HD Hospitality Displays and Mirror Displays are designed for the contemporary hotel that prioritises premium functionality and operational efficiency. The displays deliver a superior TV experience with an array of convenient features and guest-pleasing functionality.

Your Future. On Display.

Dutch Masterpiece Book Now

Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age

Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age, a Marcel Wanders publication, is a groundbreaking art publication combining the finest materials, the most innovative techniques and the testimonies of thought leaders and craft masters from around the world. Enjoy this special and beautiful book at the Prinsenhof Suite.

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Technical Services Book Now

The Maintenance Company

The Maintenance Company offers hoteliers an efficient solution for their technical services. The routine of The Maintenance Company is “future proof” due to an innovative and sustainable solution for technical services concerning staff occupation and expertise. Flexible, outcome-oriented and a positive contribution to the guest experience.

We make your day.

Glass & porcelain Book Now

APS Glass & Bar Supply

APS Glass & Bar Supply Amsterdam is the most inspiring hospitality wholesaler since 2004. For over 12 years they supply attractive tumblers and stylish shot glasses. Nowadays, their range is extended with kitchenware, cutlery, disposables and porcelain. Innovation, inspiration and sustainability are key priority in order to maintain great service.

Enjoy your food & beverages in style at Prinsenhof Suite with APS Glass & Bar Supply.


Get Inspired.

Mobile Access Book Now


4Suites is expert in cloud based mobile access without replacing current hardware. The guest experience is in the center of their ambitions. Their mission is to make mobile access available to the world at low cost and at the highest level of security and reliability.

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Become smart within a day.