Our Coffee


A premium coffee experience

Select your daily favourite in a single click by hitting the QuickBrew button on the tablet. Every TopBrewer drink can be customised to your personal preference. Depending on the drink selected, there are different parameters to choose from. Maybe you need a little extra caffeine to start your day - simply move the coffee slider up or a double shot of espresso in your cappuccino. No problem… the TopBrewer will help you find your perfect drink.

The Coffee in the TopBrewer

It's special

TopBrewer coffee has been specially designed for the TopBrewer. TopBrewers master roaster spend countless hours locating and finding the best coffee farms around the world, sampling, batch-roasting, and finally producing, the best coffee for your TopBrewer.

TopBrewers works in Direct Trade with coffee farms, ensuring a stable flow and premium quality of coffee. This also means they can go into the same level of detail with the coffee as we do with the TopBrewer, ensuring a complete coffee experience, specifically designed for their customers.


TopBrewer and the Environment

90 % less energy

TopBrewer uses up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than competitor models. Unlike most coffee machines, there is no hot water boiler in the TopBrewer. Instead fresh water is flash-heated for each and every drink. In power-saving mode, TopBrewer has a very low 7-watt energy consumption. With the built-in schedule system, operators can set a timer to switch to standby automatically at quiet times. TopBrewer is manufactured mostly from steel, which is the most recycled material in the world.