Geberit AquaClean Book Now

The exceptionally brilliant shower toilet

When it comes to personal hygiene, everyone has their own personal preferences and requirements. This is why Prinsenhof Suite would like to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with Geberit AquaClean shower toilet in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The shower toilet

Comfortable Beds Book Now


In the Prinsenhof Suite you’ll experience a great night of sleep on Auping beds. Royal Auping has been working on ultimate sleep comfort for over 125 years. Nowadays, Auping is the largest bed manufacturer in the Netherlands and has a green DNA.

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Auping Nights, Better Days.

State-of-the-art technology Book Now


Prinsenhofsuite recognises that every guest is different. Therefore one should have an influence on the light levels, air quality and temperature. Dyson technology allows just that and is constantly striving to set new standards in performance and wellbeing.

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Personalised comfort.

Smart curtains Book Now


Slide turns your regular curtains into smart curtains that can be opened with the press of a button, a quick pull of the curtain fabric, or even just your voice. Enjoy the ultimate luxury experience in your hotel room or at home.

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Live like royalty, every single day

Personal Assistent Book Now

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker, powered by the Google Assistant. Ask questions. Tell it to do things. Google Home is always ready to help.

Hands-free help.

Natural Care Products Book Now


Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand offering natural care products, luxurious home fragrances and natural mineral water. Marie-Stella-Maris strongly believes that people have the right to live in dignity, which includes the right to clean, safe and accessible (drinking) water.

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Care for water.

Linen Comfort Book Now


In Prinsenhof Suite, guests sleep on linen with a rather innovative edge. Think of a runner produced out of recycled jeans, bed covers with comforters made of PET bottles, and Fairtrade cotton. The linen is from Blycolin, the linen partner that is always looking for innovative and sustainable solutions for linen challenges. This goes beyond the mere products: by focusing on smart and clean processes. Blycolin works on a sustainable chain and therefore creates a good feeling for both customer and guest.

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Carefree linen service.

Natural Fabrics Book Now

Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique

Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique is specialised in making customised curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds that provide your living environment in a personal way with comfort and warmth. Evert Groot - Étoffe Unique offers a very wide choice of different qualities and colour linen.

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100% natural.

Smart & Safe Book Now


Nest is focused on making simple, human, delightful things such as camera's, thermo regulators and fire alarms. That’s how they are creating the thoughtful environment: a place that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.

A Nest home.

Modern Craftsmanship Book Now


At Prinsenhof Suite you will find furniture made by TWO-O. They believe in creating products in an authentic way with modern craftsmanship. For TWO-O sustainability isn’t a goal but a necessity.

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Sustainability is a necessity.

Smart Screens Book Now


The Samsung HD Hospitality Displays and Mirror Displays are designed for the contemporary hotel that prioritises premium functionality and operational efficiency. The displays deliver a superior TV experience with an array of convenient features and guest-pleasing functionality.

Your Future. On Display.

Glass & porcelain Book Now

APS Glass & Bar Supply

APS Glass & Bar Supply Amsterdam is the most inspiring hospitality wholesaler since 2004. For over 12 years they supply attractive tumblers and stylish shot glasses. Nowadays, their range is extended with kitchenware, cutlery, disposables and porcelain. Innovation, inspiration and sustainability are key priority in order to maintain great service.

Enjoy your food & beverages in style at Prinsenhof Suite with APS Glass & Bar Supply.

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