Our Toilet Paper

The Good Roll

Sexy and Sustainable toilet paper with impact

The Good Roll beliefs every single person on this planet should be able to have access to safe and clean sanitation. For 33% of the world’s population this unfortunately is still not the case. That’s why The Good Roll invests 50% of its net profits in building toilets. Besides, every single day some 270.000 trees are felled to produce hygiene paper. The Good Roll is made of 100% recycled raw materials to minimize harming the environment.  

100% Recycled Paper

Good for planet & people

Tree-friendly is what it should be. That’s why The Good Roll only uses 100% recycled paper for the production of its toilet paper. No trees are felled, less water is consumed and carbon emissions decrease. In addition The Good Roll invests 50% of its net profits to build toilets for the 33% of the worlds population in need.

Soft & Strong

Good for your bum & karma

Super soft and strong, so just as good for you as for your karma. The Good Roll is free of dyes, inks and scents. 100% natural. Wrapped in unique catchy designed wrappers to stand-out and add some pleasure to your necessary visit.